Undetectable Equals Untransmissable

Antiretroviral therapy (ART) is not only good for your health – it also protects your partners.

U=U means that you don’t need to use condoms if you were only using them to stop HIV transmission.

The scientific evidence is clear that effective treatment reduces HIV transmission risk to zero.

BHA supports the Consensus Statement on the risks of sexual transmission of HIV from a person living with HIV who has an undetectable viral load.

For at least 20 years we have known that ART reduces HIV transmission.

Early diagnosis and treatment with ART not only restores people living with HIV to a normal life expectancy but also shows that people living with HIV who are on treatment and have a suppressed viral load do not transmit HIV to their sexual partners. This means if you are living with HIV and have an undetectable viral load, you don’t have to worry about passing on HIV.

BHA believes that this provides even more reason for every person to know his or her HIV status, and where appropriate, start and maintain treatment.

BHA strongly believes that treatment is a very personal choice.  Some people living with HIV may not be ready to start treatment or struggle with adherence for a variety of reasons.

No one should feel shame or embarrassment for not being on treatment or having any level of viral load which may be their choice or due to circumstances that are not in their control.

Stigma, discrimination and numerous social barriers may make it difficult or impossible to reach an undetectable viral load.  Everyone living with HIV, regardless of viral load, has the right to full and healthy social, sexual and reproductive lives.