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Supporting Roma Voices

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Supporting Roma Voices

Implementation period: January 2015 to December 2017

Supporting Roma Voice (SRV) was a multi-agency, practice led project, national project developed by the BHA within a partnership with the University of Salford  (Manchester) and Roma Support Group (London).

The project was designed as a practical investment in the long term development of community members, providing them with the skills and knowledge to be able to engage with, and advocate effectively for Roma on a diversity of issues that matter to them. The flip side of this is having a good awareness of the structures and systems within which major services and policy makers operate. Its core aim was to develop a sustainable right based and evidence led model for Roma inclusion in the UK to support the growth of grassroots community advocacy as part of the growth of an inclusive and engaged Roma community in the UK.

The project focused on four thematic areas: Community Relations, Housing, Education and Employment & Social Welfare. The SRV team was made up of 7 individuals of Roma heritage – 6 advocates and a Project Co-ordinator. They were based in four different regions: London, South Yorkshire, the North West of England and the East Midlands and collectively, the team had a wide variety of experiences and backgrounds.  

The project followed three main directions:

1. To conduct a participatory research with Roma people in several locations in UK and get a broad view of the issues Roma are facing across the country. The aim of this research was to explore the following issues:

  • The settlement and integration experiences of Roma migrants living in areas across the UK.
  • The specific areas of community relations, housing, education, employment and social welfare and their role in settlement in the UK.
  • The provision of knowledge that would enable local authorities and other services to enhance the settlement experience of Roma migrants now and in the future.

2. To establish working links with the key public services and policy makers operating in the area and gain an understanding of the types of engagement they currently had with Roma or the gaps that exist in delivery.

3. To develop a dialogue with officials around the specific needs of Roma communities and how to work towards inclusion.

A total of 159 people participated in 19 focus groups, which took place in the following locations: Glasgow, Leicester, London, Oldham, Salford and Sheffield.

An intrinsic part of the project’s remit was the personal development of the team members themselves.

Project Team:

Orsolya Orsos, Project Coordinator


Supporting Roma Voices Research Report, December 2016

Authors: Philip Brown, Daniel Allen, Sindy Czureja, Liviu Dinu, Szymon Glowacki, Gabi Hesk, Sylvia Ingmire, Philip Martin, Orsolya Orsos; Maria Palmai & Terezia Rostas

Publisher: University of Salford


Other materials:

Suporting Roma Voice Presentation

By: University of Salford


This project was funded by the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust and the Metropolitan Migration Foundation.

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