Sexual Health Promotion - Greater Manchester

BHA delivers sexual health services across all of Greater Manchester to ensure individuals and communities have the knowledge, skills and resources to achieve and maintain good sexual health.


Tips for Sex & COVID-19

An informational leaflet created by our sexual health team from the PaSH partnership which outlines our current guidance on tips for maintaining sexual health wellbeing during COVID-19.

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Preventing STIs and unplanned pregnancies are still important during lockdown

There is less capacity at the moment within sexual and reproductive health services as staff are redeployed to respond to covid-19 and lab capacity is being used to support covid-19 testing. This is likely to continue for a while even when the restrictions start to be lifted.

We all need to do our part in making sure that we are not putting undue pressure on health services, and are protecting our own health and that of others.  Although people are social distancing, it is still important to consider your sexual health if you live with your partner.

There are still emergency options and urgent services available for your sexual and reproductive health if needed. Please do not go to a clinic unless told to do so.

Please click here for information on advice on your sexual health and who to contact.

Feel confident with condoms

Using condoms helps prevent sexually transmitted infections. Find out more about where to access free and low-cost condoms and how to use them effectively.

Rapid HIV Testing in Greater Manchester

BHA offers free & confidential HIV testing within community settings across Greater Manchester and at our office. Results are available in 60 seconds.

Passionate about Sexual Health

A comprehensive programme of interventions to meet the changing needs of people newly diagnosed with HIV, living longer term with HIV or at greatest risk of acquiring HIV.

HIV/STI Prevention across Greater Manchester

We provide HIV and STI prevention services across Greater Manchester