Sexual Health

For many people, sex is a healthy and important part of their lives. Being safe (use of condoms, dams, femidoms, lube etc) is a way to show respect for yourself and others. Keeping yourself informed means you are already equipped to enjoy sex and be free from illness and infection.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines sexual health as:

  • Equality and mutual respect
  • To negotiate with your sexual partner(s) to ensure that the sex you have is the sex you want
  • Protecting yourself and protecting others
  • Protecting yourself and others from sexually transmissible infections, unintended pregnancy etc.
  • Awareness of emotional and psychological reactions
  • Be aware of the emotional and mental health difficulties which could arise from undue pressure to have sex or to engage in a sexual activity which makes you feel uncomfortable
  • Embracing diversity

Feeling well physically, emotionally and mentally will help us keep sexually healthy. When we feel well in all these ways, we are more likely to make the best decisions in terms of our sexual health. This is usually due to the improved confidence and self esteem that good health brings us.

BHA for Equality acknowledge different sexualities without discrimination, prejudice or judgement.

This website is intended to help you learn more about ways in which to protect yourself and keep well.

Please get in touch if you have any concerns, and we will answer your questions ourselves or signpost appropriately to the relevant sexual health services in your area.

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