Self-testing Kits for under 25's in Leeds

Self-testing for Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea and Pregnancy

The chlamydia/gonnorrhoea self-tests use either a urine sample or swab which is posted (free post) back to the lab. Results will be given via phone or text, depending on the result. This will happen within 2 weeks of the test being received by the lab. Treatment for each is as follows:


Kits are available in the office, and involve a simple urine test.


A simple course of antibiotics normally clears chlamydia.


Treatment for gonorrhoea is usually a simple course of antibiotics.

If your test is positive for gonorrhoea you will be asked to attend a sexual health clinic in a hospital where you will have another test to check what antibiotic the infection will respond to.

The kits are free and available to collect from our Leeds office during office hours – you don’t need to make an appointment.  We also distribute kits to under 25’s during our community events and activities.