Roma Family Support

Implementation period: 2013 – 2016

There is an acute need to understand and address the occurrence of disengagement from education by the Eastern European Roma community and how drop-out is influenced by gender and cultural expectations. A culturally sensitive approach is being taken, ensuring that the views of participants are respected and acknowledged.

Our Roma Family Support Project aims to improve the stability and quality of Roma families and community life, through access to services and activities, leading to improved health and wellbeing, reducing levels of social and economic exclusion and increasing economic independence among young people. The project also aims to tackle discrimination and narrow the gap between disadvantaged groups to the wider community and between Manchester and the rest of the country.

The Project was designed to be implemented in a holistic way by helping identify the needs of the whole family and seek to address these in ways which builds on existing strengths of our beneficiaries. We delivered short term targeted interventions to meet the needs of families by providing outreach home visits, meeting families in their environment, engagement on 1-2-1 basis and tailoring support appropriate to the family’s and young people’s needs.

Consultation with young people and parents to address the following areas:

  • Barriers to education including disengagement
  • Attitudes towards education, employment, relationships, health and wellbeing
  • Identify aspirations, interests and enrichment activities.
  • Perspectives on methods of appropriate service delivery to meet identified need

Assertive Outreach to:

  • Assess the individual needs of the young person in the context of family and education
  • Support young people and their families to gain awareness of rights and responsibilities
  • Develop action plans to address unmet needs e.g. access to health, education

Through our support we aim to achieve the following:

  • To decrease in educational, social and health inequalities;
  • To increase in understanding and collaborative working between the Roma community and services;
  • To reduce educational inequalities experienced by the Roma community, particularly girls;
  • To increase the aspirations held by young people;

Project Team:

  • Orsolya Orsos, Project Coordinator
  • Kinga Lewandowska, Outreach Worker
  • Liviu Dinu, Interpreter


  • This project was funded by the Equalities Fund at Manchester City Council