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Retirement of Dr. Priscilla Nkwenti from BHA

October 2, 2020 | 0 Comments

Our current Chief Executive Officer – Dr. Priscilla Nkwenti is retiring from BHA at the end of March 2021.


BHA started life in 1990 as the Black HIV and Aids Forum (BHAF) and Priscilla joined the organisation as a volunteer. She later became a paid employee, first as HIV/AIDS Public Education Officer and later as Sexual Health Project Lead, Inequalities Project Coordinator and Researcher, Deputy CEO and finally CEO in 2006.


Priscilla has been very instrumental in expanding the health inequalities portfolio of the organisation beyond its original HIV/AIDS remit to TB, Cancers, Sickle cell, Hep C, Mental Health and other health areas disproportionately impacting on marginalised communities.  The original geographical remit of the organisation has also expanded beyond Manchester, with the opening of a key office in Leeds, working in other regions in the UK and also gaining international recognition.


For over thirty years she has worked for an organisation that has attained regional, national and European health and social care status delivering services that continue to address health inequalities for Black, Asian and other disadvantaged population groups.


BHA has been at the forefront of tackling health inequalities recognising health disparities and the disproportionate impact of health inequalities on Black, Asian and other disadvantaged population groups.


All your support is greatly appreciated.


A word from the chair of BHA on behalf of the board of Trustees:

It is difficult to put into words how much of an impact that Priscilla has had on founding, shaping and forming this organisation over these past 30 years. It is a rare occurrence for someone to join an organisation as a volunteer and become so committed and involved to rise through the ranks to become CEO. It is a magnificent achievement and BHA has become a key organisation for supporting and championing on Black, Asian and other disadvantaged population health matters because of the passion and leadership of Priscilla.


The board places its thanks on record for Priscilla’s hard work, strength and determination and we all wish her well for the future.


The board now begins the intricate task of recruiting a new CEO who can not only continue and build on Priscilla’s legacy with BHA but who can take the organisation forward and navigate the challenges and opportunities which lie ahead for us.



Francesca Tackie

Chair of the board of Trustees


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