The PaSH Partnership is a collaboration between BHA for Equality, George House Trust, and the LGBT Foundation, who are the current providers of HIV prevention and support across Greater Manchester. The GM Sexual Health Improvement Programme will include HIV testing, access to low cost condoms, a dedicated sexual health website, HIV outreach, and support for adults and children newly diagnosed with HIV or living with HIV longer term. Medical advances now mean that HIV is a manageable long-term health condition when diagnosed early, but continuing levels of misunderstanding and a lack of up to date knowledge mean that HIV remains a highly stigmatized medical condition. PaSH delivers a comprehensive programme of sexual health services for people across Greater Manchester who are at risk of or diagnosed with HIV. Within the partnership the three organizations lead on specific areas of delivery:

  • BHA provides free & confidential sexual health services for black and minority communities and offers information and advice, group sessions, community activities and rapid HIV testing.
  • George House Trust provides free and confidential support, advice and advocacy services for people living with HIV.
  • LGBT Foundation provides advice, support, testing and resources for men who have sex with men.

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