Michael Naraynsingh

My name is Michael Naraynsingh and I have been involved with BHA since it was set up, over 27 years ago.

At that time I was the Public Education Officer for injecting Drug Use employed by Manchester City Council. The primary purpose of the role was HIV prevention work with Injecting drug users in the City.

I moved from that position to become Head of Service for Manchester Drug Service, and then on to becoming an Assistant Director with Greater Manchester West NHS Foundation Trust.

I am currently employed by the Big Life Group.

Although my background has been primarily in HIV prevention, and Drug Treatment and Recovery, the various positions that I have held have enabled me to gain considerable experience and insight into the management and commissioning of Services more generally and an understanding of the wider financial and political factors that influence policy making. It will be my intention to bring this experience with me to my role on the BHA Board.