Kamie Kitmitto

My interest in working with the BHA stems from my interest in public duty and social responsibility. I hail from Lebanon and Palestine where I was involved in some small way in helping educate Palestinian refugee children, and help internally displaced people during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon (1982). Even with NHS being a national treasure and something to be proud of, provision of high quality care and services still depends on knowledge and access to information. Other prerequisite skills sets are also needed that may not be available to vulnerable and disadvantaged groups. The BHA is there to plug these gaps which is a major incentive to work here.

I am currently working as a programme Delivery Manager for the Research Life Cycle at the University of Manchester. My back ground is in Geomatics, and have special interest in the creation of Spatial Data Infrastructures for developing countries to help meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

On the Board experience level I was an elected member of the Board of the University of Manchester between 2007 and 2010. I had particular interest in Risk Management. This stint coincided with adding a fourth degree to my collection of Higher Education degrees, this time an MBA from the University of Manchester.  My other degrees are in Civil (Bachelor and Masters) and Geomatics Engineering PhD (UCL).  I was also the founding member of a couple of commercial companies one of which is now a successful small business in the field of Geomatics.

I am also the Treasurer and Pensions officer of the University of Manchester Universities and Colleges Union, since 2010.