Health and Well-being

Tackling Inequalities in Health and Social Care

There is a significant amount of national research that sets out the inequalities in health and social care faced by Black and other minority groups and marginalised communities.  Health disparities are differences in health status that are driven by inequalities in society.  Good health is shaped by many different factors such as lifestyle, income, educational attainment, job security, housing conditions, social networks, long term impact of migration, racism and discrimination and poor delivery and uptake of health care.

A health inequality is the cumulative negative effect of the above factors.  Patterns of inequality in health vary by ethnicity, from one health condition to the next.

Differences in the health of Black and other minority groups are most prominent in the following areas of health:  mental health, cancer, heart disease and related illnesses such as stroke, Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), Tuberculosis (TB) and diabetes.

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