Community Engagement


Community engagement is central to all our work at BHA and within all our projects, to ensure we work together with communities to plan, design, develop, deliver and evaluate our services.  We strongly believe working with local communities leads to services that better meet people’s needs, improves health and well-being and reduces health inequalities.

We also have a specific service which engages with communities:

Manchester Race & Health Service (MRHS)

MRHS works to improve the health and well-being of Black and other minority groups in Manchester through:

  • improving equal access to health care and health promotion activities,
  • improving the quality of treatment and care of Black and other minority groups using health services,
  • increasing awareness and understanding of differenct community needs and,
  • ensuring that planning and delivery of local health services reflects the views of Black and other minority groups.

We engage with statutory, voluntary and community organisations that work in the health and social care sector in Manchester.  We encourage involvement of voluntary and community organisation and members of the public in achieving our aims through the following ways:

Annual BME Patient Experience Survey

The annual survey enables us to gather the views of  individuals who are Black or from a minority group on their experiences of using local health services  such as GPs, hospitals, community services and dentists.  This information is gathered through online surveys, paper questionnaires distributed to community meeting places, speaking to patients in GP surgeries and focus groups.

Workshops and focus Groups on Health

We organise focus group and workshops to discuss BME health needs and barriers to accessing health services.  Recent commissions include Macmillan Cancer Support and the Care Quality Commission.

Health Needs Assessments

We assist in drafting BME Joint Strategic Needs Assessment or health needs assessments related to BME communities and identifying ways in which disparities in health can be improved. Our health education programmes are related to this.

Health Education

We deliver health education programmes on particular conditions such as prostate cancer and dementia, within BME commnities, as well as identify barriers for BME groups in accessing services to support their long term conditions. For example we are currently delivering a programme to increase the number of BME cancer champions, including training Black men as prostate cancer champions.