Confidentiality Statement

Service user confidentiality is of the utmost importance to BHA.

All personal information BHA holds on service users is confidential and will not be passed on or shared with anyone outside of the organisation without their express consent.

This means that we will not share details that identify you to anyone outside of BHA unless:

  • You have agreed for us to do so, for instance as part of helping you to gain support or services from other organisations.
  • When we are legally required to do so. This is very rare but may be a result or risk of serious danger to yourself or someone else – this may include protection from self-harm or abuse.  If we ever need to take action to protect you or someone else, we will always try to discuss this with you and gain your permission first.  In very rare cases, the police or courts may demand that we give information.

If you would like any further information about this, or require it in a different format, please do contact us.

Sources of confidentiality rights and protections

Contract of employment 
Confidentiality is a requirement for all staff and volunteers within BHA as part of their contract of employment / volunteer agreement and are subject to disciplinary action if a breach occurs.

Policies and organisational standards
A wide range of policies and standards exist which provide guidance for our staff and volunteers to ensure that service users are fully involved with decisions about the use of their information and that information provided by service users is kept confidential. This includes Data Protection Policy; Confidentiality Policy; Information Governance Policy and Data Security Policy.  If you wish to see any of our policies in relation to data protection and security, please contact our data protection lead: smt@thebha.org.uk

Data Protection Regulation 
Data Protection legislation regulates the processing of information about individuals, such as obtaining, use or disclosure of information. For full details of our data protection procedures, please see our privacy policy at the bottom of the website or contact our data protection lead: smt@thebha.org.uk