1-2-1 information, advice and advocacy


At BHA Leeds Skyline, we offer 1 to 1 services for everyone living with or affected by HIV in Leeds.  You can talk to one of our support team on any issue that may concern you and they will advise, signpost, refer or advocate on your behalf.

You may wish to discuss issues, concerns or experiences about:

  • – Emotional well-being
  • – Managing relationships, sex or disclosure
  • – Sexuality or gender identity
  • – Understanding of HIV and treatments
  •  – Living well
  • – Housing, benefits, welfare rights
  • – Debt or financial hardship
  • – Pregnancy, birth and children
  • – Employment or training
  • – Mental health
  • – Other health issues

Our team are able to provide you with support either in person, over the phone or video call if you prefer.  We also offer a number of evening and Saturday appointments however, these must be booked in advance.

Dealing with HIV from day to day can be difficult in its self but when you have other worries in your life it can be exhausting.

Our team of support workers can work with you to find out what your concerns are and make plans to address each issue. This is called your support plan. We will work at your pace to make changes to each issue that you find difficult. We will do this by providing the best information available with issues such as starting HIV medications, adherence (taking your medications on time) housing, benefits, pregnancy, addiction etc. We work in partnership with other agencies to resolve your difficulties and gain advice and information for your benefit. This is called advocacy.

Want to talk or book an appointment?
Call 0113 2449767 or email: leedsskyline@thebha.org.uk