Home Sampling Kits

Why should I test for HIV?

There are over 100,000 people living with HIV in the UK and around a quarter of them don’t know they’re HIV positive.

HIV is a treatable condition and no longer a terminal illness. Knowing whether or not you’re HIV positive is essential so that you can access specialist HIV services and HIV treatment.

Effective HIV therapy not only keeps the individual well but it also prevents them from passing the virus onto others. If someone with HIV is diagnosed early and is able to access treatment then their life expectancy is as good as if they were HIV negative.

What is a home sampling kit?

Home sampling allows you to self test at home. After receiving your test kit, you collect a sample of blood from your finger, then post your sample to the laboratory. A week or so later they will contact you with the result.

You can order free postal HIV test kits from test.HIV here.

Window period

The HIV test may not detect an infection that was contracted very recently – the test is highly accurate after 4 weeks, and almost 100% accurate after 8 weeks. If you had unprotected sex in the last 6-8 weeks, it is recommended that you test immediately and also complete a new test in 6 weeks to be sure of your status.